Integrative Therapy

I always employ Integrative Therapy and generally use any number of Message Techniques  to achieve correction.

The Benefits: 5 Levels of Integrative Therapy

Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” wrote in 4 B.C. of the value of “rubbing” in the administration of care. Through an integrated, structural approach I reintroduce movement to the body on five different levels to produce health on the cellular, muscular, skeletal, soft tissue and systemic levels.  I have successfully treated:  Sciatica Bursitis, Chronic Neck Tightness Tendonitis, Low Back Pain Migraine Headaches, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ Disorder, Tennis Elbow, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder Fibromyalgia (Lyme’s Disease).  A medical doctor is concerned with overall physiology, a chiropractor with the functional operation of the nervous system, and Mobile Massage with the independent movement of body parts. The body supports itself, and the healthy body will be functional and pain-free.

“My treatments allow your body to be reset to its anatomical ideal.”

Movement of fluid within the body essentially determines this works effectiveness. My efforts restore health by improving cellular circulation. Pain relief and restoration of function happen as a balance of fluid composition is achieved at the cellular level. Mobile Massage balances the fluid within each cell, and it balances the fluid between the cells.

Another example is the movement of materials through and between cells during the digestive process. In the break down of food, absorption of nutrients, reclamation of water and elimination of waste, there are many points where effective cellular circulation is required. A lack of movement and or circulation of the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) and lymphatic fluids can lead to muscle cramps and more serious concerns.

“Chronically contracted muscle is not as strong as flexible muscle.”
Muscle tissue alternately contracts and relaxes to produce all coordinated movement. My work directly affects the skeletal muscle, and indirectly affects the smooth and cardiac muscles. In this section I will be addressing only skeletal muscle. If you spend your days at the wheel of a car, on the telephone or over a keyboard, there are sets of muscles that have been programmed to allow you to sustain your work. Your neck muscles are fatigued holding up your head, your eye and facial muscles have been strained by maintaining their intent pose, your arm and shoulder muscles have been exhausted by working for hours without reprieve, and your leg and back muscles have been longing for in any position other than the seated one.
Mobile Massage is all about overriding compromised movement patterns and replacing them with natural ones that are able to sustain you better. My treatments allow your body to be reset to its anatomical ideal.

  • Tightened muscle requires more oxygen and energy than muscle at rest.
  • Tightened muscle keeps blood pressure elevated.
  • Tightening certain muscles and not others – recall the shoulder shrug and extended head of the ‘computer crouch’ . . . distorts your ideal posture and necessarily compromises blood and lymph flow, and nerve conduction. How many computer users have arm and hand pain?
  • Chronically contracted muscle is not as strong as flexible muscle.
  • Daily stress sets the stage for poor dietary habits to provide calories at the expense of good nutrition.

Consider that if the muscles are more flexible, then there are more viable cells that can fully function as “muscle cells”. If 30% of your army remains in their tents during a battle, your army is not as strong as if all soldiers were available on the front line. In a very real sense, if you are more flexible, you have “more muscle”.

“Structural Therapy’ because I use the skeletal structure to identify movement.”

There are 206 bones in the body. The bones give the body its shape, and they define our structure and movement as being “human”.
The skeletal system is an essential component our bodies capacity to sustain themselves. The founder of the massage school I attended, Dr. Gabriel Grigore, or, Dr. G. as we called her, is a medical doctor – a neurosurgeon. She also went to Japan for an elite Doctorate of Shiatsu. She then furthered her knowledge base by becoming a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.
She taught that we could improve the health of the skeleton – the bones, joints and associated ligaments – by “using traction and manipulation”. She asserted that we could dramatically improve overall health by improving the health of the skeleton. In Mobile Massage I eliminate restrictions and increase the range of motion of joints. The bones redirect their lines of stress imposed on them to accommodate the new movement. Over time, this promotes bone strength. The health of the bones is important because the red bone marrow, in the skeleton at the core of our bodies, produces blood. Blood is vital. It cleanses and sustains our bodies. The red blood cells carry oxygen and the white blood cells fight infection and disease. Perhaps you will agree with my old anatomy teacher who said, “Movement is Life”

“Myofascial Release frees movement restrictions caused by trauma or habitual, unnatural movement.”

Generally the soft tissue I deal with is fascia. Fascia is a thin, outer membrane common to all tissues of the body. It is very strong however, and is the main factor that influences our posture. Fascia is composed of collagen, elastin, and ground substance. Collagen appears in fascia as thin strands of protein that give strength to the tissue. Their strength is actually more resistant to breaking than steel! Elastin lets the fascia change shape and flex around different muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels. The ground substance is the binding agent within the sheets fascia – it is the “glue”. Techniques of Myofascial Release free movement restrictions caused by trauma or habitual, unnatural movement. My treatments increase the length of the membranous fascial sheets between bones and muscles. My treatments free movement for both the internal organs, and the articulation of the arms and legs, the shoulders and hips, and the feet and hands for example. Mobile Massage is all about overriding compromised body functioning, and replacing it them with natural ones able to sustain you better. The conditions of carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, TMJ disorder, bursitis and sciatica are all conditions involving fascial restriction that I have successfully treated.

“Mobile Massage promotes the ease of body function, and hedges against the dis-ease”

  • Respiratory—breathing
  • Lymphatic—defense, fat absorption (digestion)
  • Digestive—adequate spacing for organs to work
  • Nervous—spinal flexibility, nerve blockages

Boosts Cardiovascular Efficiency
The body reacts to my Mobile Massage by improving the overall efficiency of the cardiovascular system. As muscles are relaxed and joints are opened during the treatment, blood flow is increased. Also, due to the increase in viable muscle from this work, the blood begins to carry more oxygen, which is then available to all body systems.
Alleviates Pain
80% of pain we feel comes from muscle pain. There are 642 muscles in the body, and through direct palpation, Myofascial stretches, CranioSacral therapy, and shiatsu manipulations I am able to improve the conditions of every one. You might say therefore that I have at least a 80% chance of relieving your pain.
Calms Nervous System
Our nervous system controls the operation of all cells in the body. Our brain tells our hearts to keep pumping blood like we are sitting in traffic in our car. Our shoulders keep telling our arms to “Get Ready for the next project.” And our heads keep telling our necks that, “The boss is going to wring my neck when (s)he finds out what I’ve done!” I fool the body into releasing the “holding patterns” described above. I use “Over stimulation” in the form of Reflexology (Acupressure), I use “Confusion” in the form of rocking or shaking, and I use distraction and re-association in the forms of deep tissue and shiatsu. The excited nerves forget what they were telling the muscles to do, and the nerves have no further stimulation from the loosened muscles